Utreist med/Emigrated on: ??

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Manitowoc Rapids township, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

Niels Aslaksen Orekaas:   Born June 14, 1821 at Aashammer in Gjerpen by parents Aslak Eriksen (born ca 1787) and Gjertrud Nielsdatter (born ca 1790)

In 1835 we find the family on Orekaas under Oterholt.
Aslak Eriksen, married, cottager, hammersmith, age 48
Gjertrud Nielsdatter, married, age 45
Niels, age 14
Maria, age 12

In 1845 they still live at the same place.
Aslak Eriksen, worker, married, age 59
Karen Reiersdatter, married, age 42

Karen, daughter, age 34
Niels, son, worker, age 24,

According to research done by Gerhard Naeseth of Vesterheim, Niels may be the one who dies in Manitowoc on February 23, 1902 and is buried at Heart Prairie Lutheran Cemetery.

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