Utreist med/Emigrated on:

Utreist til/Emigrated to: .Skoponong settlement near Palmyra, Wisconsin, Later moved to Strongs Prairie twp., Adams Co., Wisconsin

Lars Olsen Doksrød:   He was born January 21 1826 on Bratsbergkleven near the town Skien. He was the son of Ole Isaksen Holm and Anne Larsdatter.
In 1845 we find the family on the little farm Hagen under Doxrød.

Ole Isaksen, tailor, married, age 46
Anne Larsdatter, married, age 50
Lars, son, age 19
Anders, son, age 14
Christen, son, age 11
Anne Kirstine, daughter, age 9

Lars emigrates in 1847, and marries in Koshkonong to Ingeborg Nielsdatter, born 1823 in Siljan parish. Siljan is the nabouring parish to Gjerpen.

From Mike Enerson of Bloomington, Illinois, I have got the following:

Lars Olsen used the surname Holm in America.

Lars Olsen and Ingeborg Nielsdatter had six children:

Anna Holm b. 1856 d. bef. 1865
Oscar L. Holm b. 26 Feb 1857 d. 9 Jan 1953 m. Sigrid Rosgaard,
eleven children
Hannah Amelia Holm b. 3 Nov 1859 d. 10 May 1952 m. August Olsen
Charnholm, eight children
Louise Bertha Holm b. 29 Sep 1864 d. 10 Aug 1949, m. Mathias Evenson,
five children
Annie Holm b. 30 Aug 1865 d. 17 Dec 1918, m. Nelson WIlcox
Gorham, three children
L. Nils Holm b. 29 May 1866 d. 15 Mar 1955, m. Bertha
Mikkelson, ten children

Lars Olsen Holm has many living descendants in the United States and Canada.


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