Utreist med/Emigrated on: bark JUPITER to Boston

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Ashippun township, Dodge Co, Wisconsin

Niels Christophersen Bøe:   Born Sept 9, 1811on a small place called Grønsten under the farm Bøe Nordre in Gjerpen. He was baptized in Gjerpen church Sept 15th. Parentes were Christopher Jensen Grønsten and Maren Ingebretsdatter.
Niels married June 20, 1845 in Gjerpen to Ragnhild Hansdatter, who was born in Solum ca 1815 and was the daughter of Hans Andersen Åfosskås under Elseth and Marthe Kirstine Sørensdatter.
In the census of 1845 we find the Niels and Ragnhild living on the farm Mellom Bøe. Together with them also lived his brother Jens Christophersen (age 22), his father Christopher Jensen (age 64) and his father's sister Maren Jensdatter (age 56). Also a servant maid, Kirsten M. Haraldsdatter (age 15), and an old woman called Marthe Johannesdatter (age 84) stayed with them.
Niels and Ragnhild had 3 children:

1. Maren Kirstine, born March 2, 1846. She was living in 1860 according to the Wisconsin census of that year.
2. Christoffer, born Oct 20, 1847. Died April 16, 1848.
3. Marthe Kirstine, born during the winter of 1850.

Ragnhild died in 1850 and Niels married again Nov 21, 1851 to Helvig Pedersdatter, the widow of Ole Olsen. She had also emigrated in 1847.
Niels died Nov 21, 1868 and is buried at Ashippun Lutheran Cemetery.


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