Utreist med/Emigrated on:

Utreist til/Emigrated to: . Pine Lake settlement, Wisconsin

Hans Olsen Marker:  He was born ca 180, possibly in Valebø in Holla. His parents Ole Hansen (born ca 1767) and wife Ingeborg Torgrimsdatter (born ca 1777) moved to Gjerpen in 1815. They had then lived on the farm Killingskoven in Valebø. Ole Hansen was born in Tind parish, but had lived 18 years in Holla. They settled in Gjerpen on the farm Marker.
Hans Olsen married Anne Kirstine Mikkelsdatter, who was born ca 1797.

Hans and Anne Kirstine had the following children:
Ole, born Febr 10, 1829 on Marker. He married Oct 7, 1855 in Rock River, Susanne Marie Halvorsdatter. He served in the Civil War and was wounded. Settled in Martell, Wisconsin.
Anne, born Jan 17, 1832 on Marker. Married Jan 29, 1852 Aslak Monsen Hoppestad.
Mikkel, born March 7, 1835 on Marker. Lived in 1860 in Erin township, Washington Co., Wisconsin, but moved to Martell, Wisconsin.
Anders, born Dev 17, 1837 on Marker. Died Sept 8, 1847.

In 1845 we find on Marker:

Hans Olsen, owner, married, age 44
Anne Mikkelsdatter, married, age 50
Ole Hansen, son, age 17
Anne Hansdatter, daughter, age 14
Mikkel Hansen, son, age 11
Anders Hansen, son, age 8
Ingeborg Torgrimsdatter, his mother, widow, age 68

Hans Olsen was carpenter and blacksmith.

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