Utreist med/Emigrated on:

Utreist til/Emigrated to: .Delafield township, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin

Erik Jacobsen Stensåsen:   He was born 1798 on the farm Steensaasen under Nordre Løberg, and baptized January 29th.. His parents were Jacob Anundsen Steensaasen and Anne Erichsdatter Løberg. They were married August 20, 1781. Jacob Anundsen was born 1758 and parents were Anund Isachsen and Else Jacobsdatter Løberg. Anund Isachsen was born 1731 and his parents were Isac Jonsen Løberg (born 1692) and Maren Tolfsdatter Søli. They were married in 1724. Isac's father was Jon Løberg born ca 1648 and died at the age of 51 in 1699.
Erik Jacobsen were engaged March 29, 1823 to Anne Karine Henrichsdatter from Bøe-Rønningen in Gjerpen. Anne was baptized January 14, 1798 and parents were Henric Jensen Gulset-ejet and Karen Nielsdatter. They were married 1789.

Erik died already October 28, 1847 in Delafield township. Anne Karine lived in 1860 with her daughter

They had the following children:
Niels, born July 13, 1823 (Løberg). Died at Steensaasen April 6, 1844. He "fell about dead".
Inger Karine, born January 7, 1826 (N. Løberg)
Anne, born October 4, 1828 (Løberg). Married July 1, 1849 Niels Johnsen Steensrød, with whom she emigrated in 1843.
Jacob, born November 22, 1832 (Steensaasen)
Henrik, born November 8, 1835 (Steensaasen)

Census 1835:
Steensaasen u/Sørbøe
Erik Jacobsen, married, owner of 2.1/2 "skinn", shoemaker, age 39
Anne Karine Henriksdatter, married, age 39
Niels, age 12
Inger Karine, age 9
Anne, age 7
Jacob, age 3
Henrik, age 4 months.

Census 1845:
Erik Jacobsen, owner, married, age 49
Anne Karine Henriksdatter, married, age 49
Anne, age 17
Jacob, age 13
Henrik, age 10

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